Heating and cooling account for nearly half of your home’s energy costs! A smart thermostat offers both automation and greater control over your home’s temperature and climate – control that could save you a bundle on your energy bill.

A wifi digital thermostat provides savings by:

  • Analyzing your heating and cooling patterns for energy-saving opportunities
  • Automatically adjusting the temperature depending on whether you’re home, sleeping, or away
  • Letting you create temperature zones that can be independently controlled

We’ve gathered up some other awesome benefits of a smart thermostat below!

Analyze Your Energy Use

Many smart thermostats allow you to track your energy usage and show it to you in an easy-to-read monthly report.

Curious about how much your heat ran last month? The report can tell you that. It can also tell you how much energy you used compared to other users, and reward you for using energy-efficient settings.

Remote Control from Your Phone

In addition, a smart thermostat comes with brand apps that you download on mobile devices. As a result, these apps allow you to check the thermostat anywhere you have a data/Wi-Fi connection, and change the temperature if necessary. A wi-fi thermostat is very useful if you need to make changes while at work or on vacation

Professional Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

Professional thermostat installation is often the way to go for many homeowners. If you end up doing it yourself, just make sure you shut off the power and double-check your wiring to be sure wires don’t touch at the terminals. If you’re not careful, you can easily burn up a transformer or blow the circuit board’s main fuse.

Our professional HVAC company will come out to help you install any new smart thermostat in your home or business!

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